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Quick tour

September 2010 — last update November 2013

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This page gathers many screenshots and screencasts of DoudouLinux in action, in order to quickly give an idea of all its features. We have also added video and audio files that were created using the multimedia applications of DoudouLinux. Please note that additional screenshots are available in the documentation pages. Additionally, there are also a few screenshots available on Flickr.


Several videos of DoudouLinux in action are available on the web. Here we are showing the video that was kindly recorded by Riccardo from Linuxaria with the previous stable version of DoudouLinux, Gondwana 1.2.

Flash - 1 kb
Overview of Doudoulinux
Screencast recorded from VirtualBox (noticeable delay between video and audio…)

Audio files

Here are several example files of digital content created on DoudouLinux using the multimedia applications. You can place the mouse above the file icon to show their name.

Petit Papa Noël {MP3} Hard-electro-rock démo {MP3} La mère Michèle {WAV} SOS turtle :) {Zip}

Additionally, you can listen to the DoudouLinux start-up music, which was recorded on Rosegarden with real musical instruments:

WAV - 2.1 Mb
Gondwana start music
DoudouLinux Gondwana music, recorded with Rosegarden


System and activities

Here are screenshots of the start-up and shutdown screens of DoudouLinux, plus views of the menu of activities and advanced activities.

Hyperborea welcome screen {JPEG} Hyperborea start screen {JPEG} activity-menu {PNG} Hyperborea shutdown screen {JPEG}

mini-doudoulinux {PNG} Whole DoudouLinux {PNG} Mini DoudouLinux activity {PNG} Whole DoudouLinux activity {PNG}

DoudouLinux is also shipping several tools to set the system. They are designed to be dead-easy to use.

PNG PNG Setting the menu of activities {PNG}

There is also parental controls that filters web pages on their contents and let parents monitor computer use. Additionally, DoudouLinux takes care of user privacy on the Internet, to get the best web experience.

Rejecting a DuckDuckGo search with the word “sex”

Educational applications

As DoudouLinux is targeting children, it contains the classical educational games Childsplay, Gcompris, TuxPaint and Pysycache, as well as less standard educational games such as Gamine, Khangman, Kanagram, Kgeography and Ktuberling. Several easy games are also offered in this category.

Gamine animation {GIF} Pysycache - Youtube {Flash} Tuxpaint - Youtube {Flash} Childsplay - Youtube {Flash}

Gcompris - Youtube {Flash} Ktuberling {JPEG} Khangman {PNG} Kanagram {PNG}

Kgeography {PNG} Marble {PNG} JPEG PNG

Multimedia applications

DoudouLinux features several multimedia applications to make use of digital content, but also to begin to create your own digital contents. You will find a piano keyboard (VMPK), a drum machine (Hydrogen), a song editor (Songwrite), an audio composer (Jokosher), a piano learning software (Piano Booster), and an animation movie creator (Stopmotion).

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (VMPK) {PNG} Hydrogen {PNG} Songwrite {JPEG} Stopmotion {JPEG}

Applications for work

Several work-oriented applications are available: a web browser, instant messaging for the local network, document and image viewers, calculator, dictionary, and text editor. We have also added in this category two graphics applications and two applications to teach computer programming: MyPaint to draw like you would do with real painting tools, TBO to make comics, Laby and KTurtle to learn programming.

JPEG TBO {PNG} Laby {PNG} KTurtle {PNG}

GoldenDict {PNG} Gcalctool {PNG} Gedit {PNG} PcManFm {PNG}

Empathy {PNG} Epiphany browser {PNG} Eye of Gnome (eog) {PNG} Evince {PNG}

Game applications

Finally, children are known to like entertainment :). This is why DoudouLinux also features many other entertaining games, not all of which have been presented here in these screenshots. We have selected games that are non violent and generally stimulate thinking.

Mahjongg {PNG} Sudoku {PNG} PNG Gnome Mastermind {PNG}

Frozen bubble - Youtube {Flash} PNG JPEG JPEG

Pingus - Youtube {Flash} Tower toppler - Youtube {Flash} Super Tux - Youtube {Flash} Super Tux Kart - Youtube {Flash}

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