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Latest addition : 26 November.

In this section you will find documentation for DoudouLinux users:

  • how to start DoudouLinux
  • which applications are available
  • how to tune some details
  • advanced applications, etc.

Basically, you just need to know how to start DoudouLinux to be able to use it (otherwise contact us to tell us what’s wrong). We hope that these pages will pique your curiosity and let you get to the bottom of DoudouLinux!

Additionally, if you want, you can browse the documentation offline although this is on the CD. You can also download it directly below in PDF format.

PDF documentation
Language File Size
German doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-de.pdf 247 KB
Spanish doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-es.pdf 218 KB
Italian doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-it.pdf 307 KB
Malay doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-ms.pdf 306 KB
Romanian doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-ro.pdf 238 KB
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-sr.pdf 261 KB
Chinese (China) doudoulinux-1.2-quickstart-zh_CN.pdf 286 KB
German doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-de.pdf 877 KB
Spanish doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-es.pdf 945 KB
Italian doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-it.pdf 2.8 MB
Malay doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-ms.pdf 1.8 MB
Romanian doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-ro.pdf 3.5 MB
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-1.2-userdoc-sr.pdf 560 KB
Czech doudoulinux-2.1-quickstart-cs.pdf 317 KB
English doudoulinux-2.1-quickstart-en.pdf 314 KB
French doudoulinux-2.1-quickstart-fr.pdf 317 KB
Russian doudoulinux-2.1-quickstart-ru.pdf 197 KB
Czech doudoulinux-2.1-userdoc-cs.pdf 2.7 MB
English doudoulinux-2.1-userdoc-en.pdf 5.5 MB
French doudoulinux-2.1-userdoc-fr.pdf 5.4 MB
Russian doudoulinux-2.1-userdoc-ru.pdf 5.4 MB

The “quickstart” files correspond to the quick start guide(!) and, surprisingly, the “userdoc” files correspond to the user documentation! It is roughly equivalent to this section with a few pages removed, particularly the page that explains how to install DoudouLinux on the computer [1].


[1] Recall that your kids should use the computer without risking to damage its data…

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