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New development release 2012-10

Monday 12 November 2012

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It’s been a long time since an official development release has been published —so now here it is: DoudouLinux version 2012-10 is out! If you don’t follow our dailybuilds, our account or our blog, you may think we were sleeping, but indeed not! Since the version 2012-03, 6 months ago, many improvements were made:

  • The graphical interface of the most advanced activities like “Whole DoudouLinux”, has been deeply reworked, see the screenshots.
  • Translations from Transifex are now integrated.
  • Most applications are now launched fullscreen to focus children’s attention.
  • New application PianoBooster added to teach children the piano.
  • DuckDuckGo is now the default search engine of the web browser, bye bye Google!
  • DoudouLinux now blocks ads and web page scripts spying on users, for the nicest web experience.
  • Better hardware detection and automatic management.
  • And many other, smaller changes or fixes, see our dedicated page.

This version is available in 9 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese PT and BR, Russian, Spanish), for x86 and soon ARM™ processors. Give it a try as soon as possible since it is indeed very stable, and tell us your feelings!

The development version will be turned into the next stable release, the successor of Gondwana, during the coming months (we hope weeks but cannot promise anything). It is currently blocked because its installer and its persistence tool are broken… If you wish to help the project, just let us know, any skill is welcome :). In the meanwhile, enjoy our development version!

See online : Download now!

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