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Gondwana 1.2 is out!

Sunday 1 July 2012

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Gondwana, the stable version of DoudouLinux, has been updated to version 1.2. The changes are the following:

  • official support for Finnish, Galician, and Norwegian (Nynorsk) —which increases the number of official languages to 28
  • the size of the application launcher icons in the advanced activities of Gondwana is now computed based on screen resolution (see LxLauncher: automatic icon size for a nicer interface on our blog)
  • internal disk partitions of the computer are now mounted read-only at boot —to protect them from the childrens curiosity and… mistakes!
  • translations and PDF documentations have been updated

This will be the last update to Gondwana. No additional update is planned. The next stable release will be based on its successor. Some of its features are detailed on our blog. As it is based on the current stable release of Debian (Squeeze), it is already functioning very well. You can get it from our Dailybuild section and tell us your feelings about it!

See online : Download now!

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