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New development release 2011-11

Friday 9 December 2011

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This development release is a bit late but it is finally out! This is our second build based on Debian Squeeze, the current stable release of Debian. Therefore our development version is perfectly stable and you can safely try it! However it still requires a lot of work before being promoted as our new official release (expected for mid 2012) and there are small remaining issues, particularly regarding to installation and reboot/shutdown that may hang.

The following improvements have been brought compared to 2011-08:

  • new application PixFrogger
  • animated splash during system boot
  • autologin can be activated by selecting only one activity in the activities menu
  • internal hard disks are now all mounted read-only at boot, which really prevents children from writing on them, and even from reading using the file explorer PCManfm
  • Verbiste is now on the Italian CD since it can now conjugate Italian verbs

However the CD size is still huge and translations will not be reworked before February. This is why 2011-11 is far not the successor of Gondwana yet.

See online : Download now!

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