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DoudouLinux 2.1 is out!

Friday 6 December 2013

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DoudouLinux version 2.1 is out! After a few months of gestation, this is the first update of DoudouLinux Hyperborea 2.0. Of course it brings several improvements, updates, fixes, two new applications, but not only :). Indeed we are particularly proud to announce that two new services are now officially available to our users and supporters:

  • Our online shop, the Doudou Shop, is now open. It is managed by the association DoudouLinux, our non-profit organization dedicated at supporting the project growth and development. You will find nice DVD’s with the DoudouLinux Hyperborea graphics as well as promotion materials. Take a tour!
  • Our new partner, Écodair, based in Paris (France), is starting a DoudouLinux computer range. They sell refurbished computers with DoudouLinux pre-installed and, guess what, they will fund our non-profit association in return. That’s just great!

DoudouLinux products and goodies can now all be accessed from the new page products and resellers. Alternatively, you can still make a donation or contribute to our project, we are very open-minded guys, to tell the truth. :) So now let’s look at this release 2.1! The main changes are the following:

  • support for ad-hoc WiFi networks, aka hotspots
  • latest printer drivers from now included
  • new application to monitor computer use
  • new application to explain how to support our project ;)
  • many translation updates and a new official language, Punjabi
  • nicer application launcher notification
  • Pysycache and input method fixed in the Chinese version
  • administration rights of activities fixed
  • and more…

As you can see, it took time to release version 2.1 but there are lots of new, interesting things, not only on the DVD, and this is just the beginning – at least we hope so! Read more…

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