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The computer they prefer!

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The computer they prefer!

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InterTice 2013

February 2013

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This presentation was designed for InterTice 2013 that took place from the 5th to the 7th February 2013 at Espace Grande Arche of Paris La Défense. The target audience is an audience of teachers in nursery schools, eventually primary.

1- The computer they prefer!


DoudouLinux is a computer system:

  • Maximizing ease of use
  • Centered on children’s self-fulfillment
  • Complete, autonomous and secured
  • Designed by parents
  • Based on free software
  • In open evolution
  • Open to any goodwill

2- Easy learning

3- Education oriented

  • Educational suites (letters, numbers, logic, etc.)
  • Music learning (piano, flute, rhythm)
  • Discovering computer programming through play
  • Games stimulating logic and strategy
  • Already in use in schools
  • Does not try to replace manuals and teachers!

4- Project objectives

New interface, learn tab

  • Ease of use and robustness of a gaming console
  • Stimulate the potential of our children
  • Favor autonomy and self-confidence
  • Aids in mastering Technology
  • A safe and secure environment

DoudouLinux reveals to children the creative, educative, cultural and fun potential that is lying dormant inside every computer.

5- Thoughts for children

The only limit must be the imagination!

  • At last a computer, as easy as pie
  • Children are learning while having fun
  • They create drawings, comics, music, animation movies, game levels, etc.
  • Designed to avoid risks, even with Internet
  • To be shared, copied without moderation

6- Designed by parents

Rejet d'une recherche dans Google sur le mot « sexe »

Designed by a community of parents for parents and their children

7- Zero conf, zero admin

Zero headaches: Plug in... Switch on... it works!

  • Everything is already installed and pre-configured
  • Most devices are automatically managed
  • Connecting to a network is very easy
  • No need for any “anti-” stuff, nothing to be cleaned
  • Does not deteriorate with time

8- A universal system

  • Give it a try with a live CD, or a live USB key
  • Easy installation (development in progress)
  • ARM™ version available (smartphone technology)
  • Also runs on old equipment
  • Based on Debian Linux (+20,000 software packages)

9- An international project

DoudouLinux is a project of international scope:

10- The future of the project

DoudouLinux is still starting out and is bursting with ideas!

  • Digital contents (texts, illustrations, musics, photos, …)
  • Favor sister initiatives
  • Activities of cooperation between children
  • Learning programming
  • Put computers back into the real world
  • Develop a community of children

11- Support us!

You too, can help us!

  • Promoting, installing, using
  • Translate, write, complete documentation
  • Find free digital contents
  • Manual activities in PDF (folding, do-it-yourself, etc.)
  • Lessons of drawing, music, etc.
  • Create drawings, musics for the environment
  • Computer development
  • Donations? Yes! to the ⇒ Association DoudouLinux :)

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