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The computer they prefer!

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Leaflets and posters

August 2013 — last update December 2013

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You will find on this page our official leaflets and posters. If you cannot find them in your language, you can send us a translation so that we may build a version for your language. You are free to download, print and distribute leaflets and posters. Please tell us if you intend to use them for an official event.


Our official poster English-French, in PDF format, for use on a stall:

PDF - 28.3 kb
DoudouLinux poster

Poster with Richard Stallman asking people to join our team (uncle Sam), in PDF format:

PDF - 481.2 kb
Uncle Sam poster


Our official presentation leaflet, in PDF format to be printed recto-verso, in English, French, Italian, Russian and Swedish:

PDF - 455.4 kb
English leaflet
PDF - 480.5 kb
French leaflet
PDF - 460.5 kb
Italian leaflet
PDF - 606.2 kb
Russian leaflet
PDF - 462 kb
Swedish leaflet

The Italian version is provided by ManfredoniaLUG which promotes Linux in the city of Manfredonia (Italy). If you want to translate our leaflet into your language, you will find below the text of the English leaflet.

Leaflet text


The computer they prefer!

DoudouLinux reveals to children the creative, educative, cultural and fun potential that is lying dormant inside every computer.


  • Designed to create.
  • Educative and entertaining.
  • Simple to use in the extreme, secured and robust.
  • Complementary and adapted to scholar activities.
  • To be shared with who you want and as you want(*).

It’s fun!

(*) Quite legally


DoudouLinux wants to stimulate the potential of each of our children:

  • Drawing, comics.
  • Music (rhythm box, song editor, remix software).
  • Animation movies (photos step by step).
  • Customizable games, thanks to level editors.

Education oriented

  • Easy computer learning from 2 years old.
  • Educative suites (letters, numbers, logic, etc.).
  • Music learning (piano, flute, rhythm).
  • Discovering computer programming through play.
  • Games stimulating logic and strategy.


Switch on, play; switch off, that’s all!

Easy and robust

  • Environment resistant to use by children!
  • Favors autonomy and self-confidence.
  • Nothing to be configured, updated or cleaned.

A safe and secure environment

  • Ads and tracking script blocking.
  • Integrated web contents filtering.
  • Chat, only, with known people.


  • At last a computer as easy as pie.
  • Children are learning while having fun thanks to tons of educative and fun games.
  • They can also create drawings, comics, music, animation movies, and more…
  • Designed to avoid risks, even with Internet.
  • To be shared, copied without moderation. Why be self limiting?
  • Can run on every computer, including that old one in the closet!

Try it; then come and tell us about it!

Try DoudouLinux:


Free software only

  • You are free to use, copy, distribute and modify DoudouLinux.
  • This is 100% legal. We encourage you to do this!!!
  • An international project and community.
  • More than 100 voluntary contributors around the world.
  • Translated into more than 40 languages.
  • Appreciation shown by positive articles and usage in schools.

Join us!

Gather together with praiseworthy goals:

  • Sharing education and culture for all, without discrimination.
  • Make them be the main actor of screens, not a couch potato.
  • Stimulating passion for creating and undertaking.
  • Give respectability back to computers(*).

(*) no, they are not just typewriters…

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