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The computer they prefer!

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They talk about it…

September 2010 — last update June 2013

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DoudouLinux is a quite young project and we encourage you to promote it, either by copying the CD or key to infinity [1], by putting posters up (to come) or by writing articles here and there. Here is the work of those who decided to write about it, the press review in short! Вы говорите по-русски? [2]

Note: We would like to thank people with whom we are in touch to publish articles about our project, currently Aka and Bouthaina from Framasoft, Riccardo from Linuxaria, Andrew from WebUpd8, Arkadiusz Bednarczyk from and Sebastian Zuchmanski from, Tolga Balci and Trevor.

Interview of the project founder

A short web TV presentation of DoudouLinux held on May, the 29th 2013 at Solutions Linux in Paris, in French. The video has been produced by Intell’In TV and can be watched on Youtube.

Linuxaria, an often visited Linux blog edited by Riccardo from Italy, published in December 2010 an interview of the DoudouLinux project founder, Jean-Michel. It is currently available in 3 languages:

Paper magazines

  • Open Source Magazine (France) published in November 2010 a short article to present DoudouLinux.
  • Linux Pratique Essentiel (France) published in March 2012 a two pages article about DoudouLinux written by our contributors.

Radio and TV reports

  • A TV report was made in October 2010 on TV Tomsk (Russian) about DoudouLinux. A subtitled version of this 2 minute report is available on a dedicated page.
  • Xavier Brussaelers talked about DoudouLinux on …

In the French-speaking world

We give here a non-exhaustive list of French-speaking sites that talked about us.

Elsewhere in the world

And here is a list of non-French speaking sites, still not exhaustive…


[1] We saw torrents spontaneously start, bravo go on!

[2] (translation) Do you speak Russian?

[3] TICE = Information and Communication Technologies for Education

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