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Translation status

Latest addition : 11 November 2010.

You may wonder how well translated the CDROM of your language is or could be. Alternatively, translators or future translators often wonder about the workload they should expect in order to get the perfect DoudouLinux for their language.

You can browse on Transifex the global translation status of each language for the CD or directly the page of your language which shows the translation status of each resource. As there are many components, we also provide summary pages on this website for each category of application (see the page list at the bottom). Note however, that they may not be up to date.

Below, you will also find an estimation of the translation quality of our website. This way you can quickly know whether help is needed for website translation. Of course if your language is not in the table, this means that no website translation work has started.

Website translation achievement
Language Main pages Documentation
Arabic beginning not started
Chinese beginning not started
English OK OK
French OK OK
German OK average good
Italian OK nearly OK
Malay OK good
Portuguese BR beginning not started
Portuguese PT beginning not started
Romanian OK OK
Russian OK OK
Serbian beginning not started
Spanish OK average good

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