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Translation files

August 2010 — last update October 2011

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To ease the work of people who would be interested in improving or starting translations of DoudouLinux, we propose in this page archives in .tar.gz format that contain the CD translation files. Although we encourage our contributors to switch to the online translation portal TransiFex, these archives are still made available because you can easily get all the translation files at once and they contain text and audio files that cannot be handled by Transifex. However we do not build these archives on a regular basis so that their content may be obsolete. Moreover additional languages are available on the online portal and their translation status is displayed.

Please note that you will find files used to build the DoudouLinux environment and files of applications that were already identified as needing a (better) translation. Depending on the language, some other applications may also need additional work although we believe this is less and less likely.

The online translation portal

TransiFex hosts a DoudouLinux translation project. You can directly access the page for your language. To participate into this project, you first need to create an account on TransiFex. Then you have to ask for joining the DoudouLinux translation team of your language. If your language team does not exist yet, just contact us or ask for a new team on Transifex.

The DoudouLinux project on TransiFex contains many resources that generally correspond to applications to be translated. There are also several resources that are used to generate the PDF documentation and for the web page skeleton. You can visit the page of a resource to see which translation files are available. If the file of your language is available, you can translate it online or download the file for offline translation.

TransiFex provides an online editor which features suggestions and automatic translations. On large files it may be a bit slow though. Finally there is a bug that prevents the online editor to correctly handle languages written from right to left. As far as we know, it has not been fixed yet.

Packages of language files

You just have to download below the archive that corresponds to your language and decompress it. You will find explanations about the role of files that it contains in page Generate DoudouLinux in another language. They are text files that should be modified using an editor able to handle the utf-8 encoding. For *.po and *.ts files, you can alternatively use a translation editor compatible with Gettext and QtLinguist, such as PoEdit, QtLinguist or KBabel for example.

Note: reference texts for translations are texts in English and French.

Packages of translation files
Language File Size
Arabic doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-ar.tar.gz 4.4 MB
Greek doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-el.tar.gz 5.4 MB
French doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-fr.tar.gz 27 MB
Hindi doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-hi.tar.gz 3.9 MB
Japanese doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-ja.tar.gz 4.6 MB
Russian doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-ru.tar.gz 10 MB
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-sr.tar.gz 12 MB
Ukrainian doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-uk.tar.gz 15 MB
Chinese (China) doudoulinux-2013-12-05-l10n-zh_CN.tar.gz 1.4 MB

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wonder or encounter some difficulties. We will be glad to help you and we already thank you for the important help you would then give to the project! :-)

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